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The Owl Who Came for Christmas

Based on the book by John Hay & Garry Parsons

Adapted for the stage by Chandni Mistry

Music by Jude Taylor

Lyrics by Jude Taylor and Chandni Mistry












When a family are putting up their new Christmas tree… hidden amongst the decorations is a secret visitor, snuggled in the branches.

‘Mum, look! There’s a bauble moving in the tree!‘

It’s a tiny owl, Rosie the Owl. Rosie’s a long way from home and misses the forest.

Inspired by a true story of the real Rosie the Owl who lost her way, see how the loving family help save Rosie, The Owl Who Came for Christmas and return her home.



2023 Curve (Leicester) production (2 December 2023 - 6 January 2024)

Adapted by Chandni Mistry 

Director: Cara Nolan 

Music: Jude Taylor 

Lyrics: Jude Taylor and Chandni Mistry 

Choreographer and Movement Director: Stacey McCarthy 

Set, Costume and Puppetry Designer: Abby Clarke

Lighting Designer: Jonathan Payne 

Sound Designer: Angel Rossell 

Casting Director: Kay Magson CDG  

Production Manager: Sam Paterson

Company Stage Manager: Amber Jane Taylor















Photography by Ellie Kurtz

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