Is He Musical? (Book, Music, Lyrics by Jude Taylor)


IS HE MUSICAL? is an intimate and joyous musical comedy inspired by the true stories of the queer friends who loved, lived and partied across 1930s London.


As 1933 draws to a close, Laurence and Wilfred find themselves absorbed in a whirlwind of fabulously indulgent evenings across London’s West End with their fellow queer friends, referring to each other as sisters. But although their hidden world seems surprisingly free and easy, how long can it last?

The characters of Laurence and Wilfred and events in the story are loosely based on interviews featured in an episode of 1980s British TV show ‘Gay Life’.

Is He Musical? is currently in development. The piece was initially commissioned by MPTheatricals after the premiere of a standalone song, 'Upstairs at the Trocadero', at QUEERME, a new writing night.

In April 2021, Is He Musical? received its first virtual reading, which was followed by its first workshop at Leicester's Curve Theatre in June 2021, featuring actors Josh Barnett (Wilfred) and Jonathan O'Neill (Laurence), with direction by Matt Powell and musical direction by Francesca Fenech.