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Make Me Infamous (Book, Music, Lyrics by Jude Taylor)

Enter the epic & hilarious world of Make Me Infamous in a two hour full cast radio theatre production! 


Make Me Infamous is the story of a girl who writes theme tunes for supervillains and what happens when a group of disgruntled aspiring villains team up to steal her work.


Sloane desperately wants to be a supervillain. But there's one problem - she's simply far too kind. After she fails a GCSEvil course at her local community college, she discovers a talent for songwriting, and becomes a successful composer. This frustrates a group of students from her old GCSEvil course and their teacher, failed supervillain Dalton Doomsworth. Inspired to steal Sloane's glory, Doomsworth leads the group in a scheme to disguise themselves as a band and steal Sloane's work. But the scheme doesn't quite go to plan, especially when Agent 501 and The Averagers, the city's failing superheroes, attempt to get involved...









Book, Music and Lyrics: Jude Taylor 

Director: Ben Anderson 

Musical Director & Arrangements: George Strickland 

Producer/Editor: Matt Powell

Logo: Alex Jackson | Artwork: Ashley Goh


Sloane Lee: Lucie Neale

Dalton Doomsworth: Jonathan Vickers

Vix: Lauren Soley

Clyde: Adam George-Smith

Mack: Robin Simões da Silva

Agent 501: Ashley Goh

Captain Hattrick: Sven Maertens

Secondhander: Olivia Mann

Teen Man: Bruno Soares

Scarlet Freeze: Francesca Fenech

Mistress Nasty: Sophie Rose Miller

The Large Fromage: Joseph Martin

Dr Disgrace: Nicholas Chiappettta 

Felicity Bliss: Tabby Lamb

Tom Rage: Kaidyn Hinds

The Radio Announcer: Carl Daniels

Twitter: @infamousmusical

Instagram: @makemeinfamousmusical

Copies are available to purchase from the MP Theatricals website. 


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