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Dimitri is madly in love with Xander, but that’s rather illegal in The Old City. They plan to escape to safety via the enchanted forest, where the fairies have some rather serious problems of their own following the disappearance of the Fairy Queen. When the fairies and mortals meet, things get messy – but our fairytale-hating Narrator is loving it...

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An 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' and Gilbert and Sullivan-inspired mashup, ‘Steep Themselves in Night’ is a contemporary musical fairytale with a twist or two… but more importantly it’s a warning to us all about letting rogue narrators run away with their stories. 

Cast/Creatives - October 2018, The Other Palace, London

Director: Ben Anderson
Musical Director: George Strickland

Jonathan Vickers
The Narrator
Nic Chiappetta
Carl Daniels
Ebony Buckle
Olivia Mann
The Fairy Queen/Maria

Click on the video to the left to see highlights from rehearsals during our October 2018 workshop featuring Jonathan Vickers, Harrison Knights, Ebony Buckle, Nic Chiappetta, Carl Daniels and Olivia Mann. 

Click on the video to the left to see highlights from the second reading at The Other Palace in June 2018, featuring Nic Chiappetta, Sophie Rose Miller, Olivia Mann and Sam Peterson. 

Graphic Design by Simon Williamson.

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