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Announcement: MP Theatricals: QUEERME, 10th Feb

I'm really excited to be contributing a new song to 'QUEERME', an evening of LGBTQ+ storytelling, presented by MP Theatricals!

QUEERME An Evening of LGBTQ+ Storytelling LIVE: 10th February - 20:00pm (GMT) | On Demand: 11th-25th February About In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, MPTheatricals present an evening exploring queer history through a series of brand new songs. A group of songwriters have been commissioned to respond to snapshots of queer history. From forgotten historical figures to exciting experiences, the evening takes us on a journey through queer time, bringing lost histories and humans to life in a live, intimate concert hosted by director Matt Powell. The concert streams live on 11th February and will be available on demand for two weeks. 50% of profits will be donated to an LGBTQ+ charity selected by the writers. Cast & Creatives Writers: Roly Botha, Tommi Bryson, Gus Gowland, Hilmi Jaidin, Kush Khanna, Nemo Martin, Meg McGrady, Jude Taylor, Eden Tredwell Performers: Roshani Abbey, Josh Barnett, Ashley Goh, Aitch Wylie Director: Matt Powell | Technical Production:

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