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Coming soon...a new EP!

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

So far this year I’ve had the absolute pleasure of heading into the studio on a few occasions to work on a SUPER exciting recording project: my next EP! Finally ready for release later this summer, it features a few tracks from my musical ‘Steep’ (which premiered at The Other Palace in London last year) and a few tracks from other new projects, all performed by an exciting lineup of glorious performers you may recognise from the West End, YouTube and beyond!

When the finished songs are ready to share with you in August, I’ll be doing a limited run of CDs (you still use CDs, right?) to celebrate, also hoping that some of the sales will contribute towards the overall cost of the project. Making a record by yourself is a very expensive business - there are big professional studios to hire, multiple recording/mixing/mastering engineers and producers to pay, performers/musicians/MDs to pay, performers/musicians/MDs to feed, the composer’s never-ending train fare bill to settle etc etc etc - and so if you’d like to support new musical theatre writing in some way and you’d like a nice little limited edition copy of a good old fashioned CD, I will be *forever* grateful!

Our current line up looks something like this:

Who Needs Another Fairytale? (from Steep Themselves in Night) - performed by Jonny Vickers

Beyond the Trees (from Steep Themselves in Night) - performed by Dan Buckley

Learn - performed by Jennifer Harding

A Feeling Called Home - performed by Rebecca Lock

(Once it’s all released I’ll do a more detailed post about how INCREDIBLE and BRILLIANT and GORGEOUS these people are)

Our band were:

Violin: Bianca Blezard

Cello: Polly Virr

Guitar: Richard Haslam

all led by our talented MD and piano man : George Strickland

(These folks are all lovely and the way they’ve brought my music to life makes me want to cry - in the best kind of way, that is)

All vocals were recorded with musical genius Simon Small at Voicebox Productions in London, who has also mixed the whole thing, and everything else was recorded at the wonderful EVE Studios in Manchester.

….oh, and I’ve written everything. I’m the dude in the cartoon on the front (the lovely work of Simon Williamson, by the way). AND I play bass. My 2 bar bass solo in Beyond the Trees is worth at least £1 of the cost of the CD, trust me

(…mainly because it cost us a lot of studio time what with all the takes I needed).

CDs will be £5 each (plus any postage you might need), and you can register your interest in one by emailing today! They should be ready by the end of August, and I'll keep you updated.

Once the CDs are gone, they’re gone, and it’s rather unlikely there will be another run of them ever again. Seriously.

The EP will later be available for streaming and listening to online, although it won’t be available for online download.

I’m really proud of our work, and incredibly grateful for the chance to have put this all together this year. This weekend I listened to our latest batch of mixes, and these people sound PHENOMENAL. I’m really excited to share this stuff with you, and I hope you’ll be able to support us, whether by buying a CD, spreading the word, streaming etc - thank you!

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