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(Hey) Jude Taylor EP Highlights

It's official! My EP will be available online from Monday 12th August 2019 - one week today. AHH!!!

You can now listen to some highlights from all 5 tracks over on my SoundCloud profile (or at the bottom of this post). The EP will be available to listen to on YouTube and on online streaming platforms such as Spotify. A VERY limited number of CDs will be available to buy (£5 plus postage) - please email me if you're interested!

Thanks for your support!

(Hey) Jude Taylor - EP

1. Overture from 'Steep Themselves in Night'

2. Who Needs Another Fairytale? from 'Steep Themselves in Night' - sung by Jonathan Vickers

3. Beyond the Trees from 'Steep Themselves in Night' - sung by Dan Buckley

4. Learn - sung by Jennifer Harding

5. A Feeling Called Home - sung by Rebecca Lock

All music and lyrics by Jude Taylor

Musical direction, arrangements, piano - George Strickland Violin - Bianca Blezard Cello - Polly Virr Guitar - Richard Haslam Bass - Jude Taylor

Recorded at EVE Studios and Voicebox Productions Mixed by Simon Small

Artwork by Simon Williamson

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