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on hope: a digital song cycle - Part 3 (May 2020)

Updated: May 14, 2020

Absolutely thrilled that my new song 'The Price of Hope', performed by Sven Maertens, will be featured in Part 3 of 'on hope: a digital song cycle', streamed live on The Other Palace YouTube channel from 19:30 BST on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

Part 1 and Part 2 were absolutely amazing, and I'm feeling very lucky to be a part of this. Please tune in (and catch up on the other parts) by clicking here!

UPDATE (14.5.20): You can now watch 'The Price of Hope' on my YouTube channel (see below), and hear the song on my SoundCloud. Shout out to Sven for a great performance! Go follow him at @svenmaertens on Twitter and Instagram, and visit .

"on hope: a digital song cycle is an unprecedented outpouring of new musical theatre pieces designed to spark hope during this global crisis. Curated by Matt Powell & Victoria Saxton in collaboration with The Other Palace, the trilogy blends together pre-recorded and live performances of songs written by over 60 international composers and features a cast of over 100 performers while in isolation."

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