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SIGNAL x MT PRIDE - Wednesday 8th July, 2020

ALP Musicals, MP THEATRICALS & Queerly Productions present SIGNAL x MTPRIDE, a concert of artist driven new musical theatre. In this special version of our popular concert series, twelve LGBTQ+ musical theatre writers will present new songs. A multi-location global live stream from writers and performers living rooms direct to yours.

I was VERY honoured to make my SIGNAL debut last night. Throughout lockdown I've really enjoyed keeping up with SIGNAL online, and so when I was invited to share a song from my latest musical, I could NOT have been more excited! We premiered 'Lifetime' from 'Make Me Infamous', and for SIGNAL it was sung by the WONDERFUL Lucy Dickson, with orchestrations by George Strickland.

It was a total joy to watch each performance and hear examples of amazing new writing, especially new LGBT-related work. It was particularly lovely to see pals such as Robin Simoes da Silva, Teddy Lamb and Meg McGrady (who I happen to be working with on a song cycle of trans-related stories/experiences at the moment, too!) but it's also been awesome to be introduced to so many new writers and performers that I hadn't seen before. I can't wait to be able to finally see them live, in person, in the hopefully not too distant future!

The MT Pride online festival, produced by MP Theatricals and Queerly Productions, has been an absolute joy over the last few weeks. The hugest of thank yous to the team for making it happen, and for letting me be involved!

You can catch up with the livestream here on YouTube (my introduction and song start from 1:29:31, but I thoroughly recommend you watch the entire thing because the line up is AMAAAAAZING!)

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