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Spring/Summer 2021: Updates

Returning to performing, workshopping new projects and composing for a short film - it's been a busy few months! Here is a brief roundup of all I've been up to recently:

MAY 2021

In May, I was thrilled to be featured in Curve's 'Welcome Back' festival, a celebration of local artists, as Curve reopened their doors to socially-distanced audiences for the first time following recent lockdowns. It was a fabulous weekend with a wonderful atmosphere in the building. Local singer Carmen Farrell performed Learn from Make Me Infamous, with me on piano.

JUNE 2021

In early June, we had a glorious time at the first in-person workshop of Is He Musical?, a new piece commissioned by MPTheatricals which has been in development since the start of the year. The workshop took place at Curve over a couple of days with an excellent cast and creative team. Please visit the IHM page for more info and a few demos!

JULY 2021

I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to compose some music for 'Let the Light In', a short film encouraging local people to visit Leicester city centre again. The film featured a new poem written by Jess Green and performed by Jassa Ahluwalia, and was directed by Curve artistic director Nikolai Foster.


Next week I will be at Curve again presenting songs from Steep, Infamous and IHM in collaboration with MPTheatricals. This performance will feature as part of 'Curve on the Square', a new outdoor festival taking place this summer. Please follow us on social media for further updates!

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