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'Steep' at The Other Palace - October 2018

It's happening. It's time to take the development of 'Steep Themselves in Night' to the next level, and shove it through a workshop in London in a few weeks' time, concluding with a public sharing in the studio at The Other Palace. I'm working with director Ben Anderson and MD George Strickland to do this, and I couldn't be more excited!

This is the first time I'll be sharing the piece in front of a audience made up of actual paying members of the public. Now, if you're not familiar with rehearsed readings and workshops, I should let you know that this is NOT a 'proper' production, far from it, in fact. Right now we are simply taking the raw material of the piece and working with a wonderful bunch of actors as they read and sing their way through in the hope of seeing if the work 'has legs' or not, and what I might have to do next to bring it to life - if we think it's even going to work at all. Don't worry, we won't have to have an awkward conversation about it either - if you come along you can give us your feedback via as is the way with all workshops at The Other Palace.

If you'd like to come along and be part of Steep's development process, I'd absolutely LOVE to have you join us. Wednesday 3rd October, 2pm, The Other Palace - you can get your tickets direct from The Other Palace! If you'd like to support us but you can't make the reading, perhaps you'd consider making a donation to our crowdfunder?

P.S Let's just talk about how exciting our cast line up is looking?!

The Narrator: Jonny Vickers

Flutter: Harrison Knights

Maria/The Fairy Queen: Olivia Mann

Ella/Bramble: Ebony Buckle

Xander/Majesty: Carl Daniels

Dimitri/Rufus: Nic Chiappetta

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